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Oct 31 / Nancy

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Settled Pastor Search Committee Formed

Approved Vision, Values, & Purpose Statements

2017 Covenant for Christian Communication – FINAL (1)

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Approved Vision, Values, & Purpose Statements

2017 Covenant for Christian Communication – FINAL (1)

Third Congregational Meeting

Topic:  Drafting a One-Sentence Mission/Purpose Statement (which is like a slogan or motto that describes, in a memorable way, the primary work of our church)

Sunday, January 21st, 11:20 to 1 PM In the Chapel, A light lunch will be served

All members and active congregants invited! Come and help shape the future for FPCC!


INTERIM VISION PROCESS  To the 41 people who participated in our second (of four) “Whole Church” Congregational meeting that took place after worship last week—THANK YOU for your input!  We had a very thoughtful, inspiring, and respectful conversation about VALUES, that is, the principles or standards of behavior that are most important to us, that drive the ministry and mission of our church.  We looked at both “current” values (values we currently reflect by our actions as a congregation) and “aspirational” values (values we would like to live into in the future.)  We then participated in a group exercise where we prioritized our top values and described what they mean to us.  The Transition Team has drafted a statement based on those descriptions. (See insert in today’s bulletin)

Please keep our VISION process in your prayers, and please mark your calendars for the NEXT meeting in our process, which is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, January 21st.    Your Transition Team (Paul Driscoll, Lauren Gudonis, Mary Lumsden, Jeff Parker, Jason Smith, Lelly Smith)

VISION SCRIPTURE FOR JANUARY to create a Biblical foundation for the Vision Process, the Transition Team is spending a few minutes at their meeting each month prayerfully discussing a different Scripture reading.  The Team invites the congregation (and its various boards, committees, and groups) to join them in this practice, reflecting on the following questions for each reading:  1) How does God give vision in this Scripture to God’s people?  2) How might God give our church vision for the future?  The reading for January is:   Isaiah 6: 1-8 (Isaiah has a vision of angels where God asks him, “whom shall I send?”)      Church Council minutes, Congregational Meeting minutes and documents can be found online.

Church Council Job Description Proposed Feb 20 2018

Goals and Process for the Interim Time – UPDATED February, 2018


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