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Christian Education

“Making Sense of the Cross” 

Join Rev. Marlayna for a Book Discussion on this book, selected Saturdays this fall. Learn more here

Jordan Peterson Discussion Group

Meeting the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 7:30 PM in the Chapel Parlor. Read more here

Your Christian Education Team is launching a Parent Network

Following brainstorming sessions with the parents of the church, the Christian Education Committee is launching a new initiative we call the Parents’ Network.  Our objective is to create a learning/sharing/growing parent community offering support in their lives as adults and parents. This initiative will make it possible for us to integrate faith formation experiences (for both youth and adults), foster family conversations, while creating a culture around issues of faith, morals, and values.

While conversations about strategic direction of the Church School will of course be part of the program, we intend to go far beyond this basic issue to support our families dealing with day to day challenges. Such as work/life balance, negative influences in school, excessive screen time, and other issues as they are identified by our families.

We also want to support our parental age adults in finding meaning in their own lives (beyond work and parenthood) by working with the adult education programs of the church.

Beyond the families’ benefiting from their own shared experiences, CE intends over time to offer relevant resources on specific issues, as needed, including the Pastor, “Empty Nester” members of the Congregation, and outside professionals.

We are still working on finding a time to meet that allows maximum participation by a group that already has many demands on their time.   Our last meeting during worship on March 4 reached parents who would not otherwise been at church that day. Our next meeting will be after worship on March 31 to try to reach those who are at church and Sunday School. 11:30 am in the parlor, with child care provided.  Our primary agenda item will be to discuss potential objectives of this group for the coming program year.

(While this initiative is intended primarily for parents, anyone who is interested in contributing to its success is of course welcome!)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of your Christian Education Committee,

Steve Carhart

Sheilagh Mylott

Healing Service 30-minutes of Healing, Movement, and Prayer

Fall date to be announced. This service will draw on both Christian and Easter traditions, incorporating easy movements from Qi Gong and Yoga. (No prior experience with prayer or movement is necessary.) Held at Tuck’s oint near the Chowder House, weather permitting.

Offered by Rev. Dr. Marlayna Schmidt, Interim Pastor of First Parish Church, Congregational; and Carla Mattioli, M.A., Interfaith Minister of Awakening Arts, Teacher of Yoga, Tail Chi, Qi Gong. People from all Religious Traditions are welcome.

Soup and Conversation coming in the fall

For an upcoming schedule see our Adult Education page.

Book Group 

Each 4th Monday of the month we meet at a host home.

The host provides light snacks, beverages and dessert but only once a year!!!! The host then chooses the book for the next month.  When we meet we will rate the book and give comments which we will record in a journal that hopefully the FPC book group will continue with many years from now!!! Details 


During Advent and Lent Vespers are held on Saturday evenings at 5 PM in the church.


Confirmation for Grades 9 and above Selected Sundays 11:30 am to 1:00 PM, will begin in the fall for grade 9 and above. Details in the fall.

Vacation Bible School each June

2019 We were on a Miraculous Mission. We enjoyed crafts, music, snacks and games! This program is open to all, not just members of First Parish.

2018 We were Shipwrecked and saved by Jesus’ love.

2017 Participants joined us in Rome, and we learned about the underground church

2016 We had fun Catching the Wave of God’s Amazing Love with games, songs, crafts, and more!

2015 The Icy Adventure– “Everest” Participants embarked on the coolest adventure of the summer with Sciency-Fun Gizmos™, team-building games, cool Bible songs, and tasty treats, activities that help faith flow into real life.