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Oct 3 / Nancy



At the sign of the rose, we’re happy to announce that our new season of Vespers quiet time for prayerful meditation and peace, wonderful reflections from the Reverend John Hughes, candle-lighting at the altar, and perfect music, resumes this fall. All are welcome.

The Sanctuary opens at 6:30 for meditation

& prayer; our service is from 7 – 7:30 PM, followed by ten minutes of music.

Starting in the Fall on Weds. evenings when there is no Vesper program join us in our candlelit sanctuary for an Hour of Tranquility, 6:30 PM

A place of tranquility to enjoy peaceful music and private meditation, all faiths are welcome to join in this space.

For further information, call 978-526-7661.

Fall 2016

Weds., Sept. 21 – Vespers: “hallelujah” psalm 146


Weds., Oct. 5 – Vespers: “wait patiently” psalm 40

Weds., Oct. 19 – Vespers: “no slumber” psalm 121

Weds., Nov. 2 – Vespers: “delights in people” psalm 149

Weds., Nov. 30 – Vespers: “peace within” psalm 122

Spring 2016

Weds., Jan. 6 – Vespers: Epiphany


Weds., Feb. 10 – Vespers: Ash Weds.


Weds., Feb. 24 – Vespers: “shall I be afraid?” psalm 27


Weds., Mar. 9 – Vespers: “covered sins” psalm 32

Mar 9 2016

Weds., Mar. 24 – Vespers: Maundy Thursday


Fall 2015

The Sanctuary opens at 6:30 for meditation

& prayer; our service is from 7 – 7:30 PM, followed by ten minutes of music.

For further information, call 978-526-7661.

 Weds. Sept. 23 – Vespers: “let evil recoil” psalm 54


Weds., Oct. 7  – Vespers: “nothing hidden” psalm 19

Weds., Nov. 4 – “blessed is…” psalm 146

VesperBulletinNov4 2015

Weds., Nov. 18 – “I take refuge” psalm 16

VesperBulletinNov18 2015

Weds., Dec. 2 – “do not remember my sins” psalm 25

Fall 2014

Wed. Sept. 24th remember the wondersPsalm 105:1-6

VESPERS September 24 2014

Wed. Oct. 8thw/o speech or languagePsalm 19

VESPERS October 8 2014

Wed. Oct 22nda world firmly establishPsalm 96

VESPERS October 22 2014

Wed. Nov. 5th why cast down?Psalm 43

VESPERS November 5, 2014

Wed. Nov. 19thlook to the Lord” Psalm 123

VESPERS November 19, 2014

Wed. Dec 3rd:make your face shine” Psalm 80

Vespers December 3, 2014

Jul 2 / Nancy

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Jan 6, 2016 Vespers Epiphany

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Jun 29 / Nancy

Summer Worship Hours 2017


July 2 through September 3 Worship begins at 9 AM

Jun 23 / Nancy

Vacation Bible School, Rome

VBSGraphicsmallwebJoin us in Rome, crafts, music, snacks and games!

June 24–30, 1-3 PM First Parish Chapel

(Located behind Santander Bank)

Open to all and free!

Sign up now

First Parish Members:

Vacation Bible School, is happening next week! Can you help?

We are looking for donations of snacks and volunteers, young or old! High School students can earn community service hours.

Sign up here to volunteer or donate and please let neighbors and friends know they are welcome!

Contact Jessica at or 978-526-7661 ext. 3 with questions




Jun 10 / Nancy

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Sunday, June 18 following worship


May 2 / John

Bread for the Journey

“He took bread……eyes were opened…they recognized  Jesus …” Luke 24:31 

This Sunday, May 4th, our 1st Communion Class will be receiving the sacrament of communion following a two months of classes studying its purpose and meaning.  Members of the class attended 4-worship events:

  • Ash Wednesday service of Hippolytus
  • Catacomb Service with study of Christian Chants, early worship
  • Communion Preparation Sunday
  • Maundy Thursday, Passover Meal + Tenebrae of Lights service

Their classes had them learning communion prayers, discussing the meaning of the elements, understanding differing classifications, and doing scriptural studies.  They have asked questions, eaten new (exotic!) foods, and learned how communions are honored and performed in the many traditions and faiths.

First Communion is a wonderful “rite of passage” that brings people first-hand knowledge and experience to help them understand and define their relationship to God, the church, and their own personal faith.  I want to thank Jen Powers, Jessica Skidmore, and Nancy Klebart for their collaboration in making the program successful.

I hope everyone will come to celebrate this important milestone in the spiritual development of our youth… come and be a part of this important affirmation.

Yours in Faith, Rev. John G. Hughes

May 1 / Nancy

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Apr 14 / John

Easter Obligations

“Why are you EasterLabel2017crying? Who are you looking for?” John 20:15

Easter is a spiritual reality, a spiritual gift.  People approach it as if it is one more thing to do on a crowded calendar.  “Does anyone want to get up tomorrow and go to watch the sunrise on Singing Beach?”, we query. We wait for an answer which will direct us to what we will do (or not do) on Easter.

Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb not for a miracle; she goes out of obligation.  She goes to do what women do after a death, preserve a body, complete a burial.  It is a “final thing” she must do before she gets on with her life.

She does not expect that she will encounter a “first thing” that will determine the rest of her life. No, for Mary, it is one more thing she must complete. She dresses appropriately for the ceremony she must perform.  She remembers to pick up the spices, as is customary. She moves slowly as there is no rush, “Jesus isn’t going anywhere”, she thinks to herself.

Arriving for the ritual, Mary is confused.  Things are not as they are supposed to be.  Where is Jesus?  What she sees is not what should be.  The stone is moved; the grave is disturbed.  There is no body to dress with spices.  What is she supposed to do? Did she get up for nothing? Is this a waste of time?

Why are you crying?” a voice asks.  Mary pours out her disillusionment and pain.  She is address personally, “Mary”.  She turns to find Jesus standing before her. She has been in his presence all along but did not realize it, she could not feel it. She addresses him softly with a familiar name, “Teacher”.  She barely contains herself.

Even today our church encounters people who believe their lives are coming to a sad, ‘final end’. They grieve the loss of people, dreams, hopes.  They come to the Church painfully disillusioned for how life has treated them. They come out of obligation to find the church has hope of new life, new relationships.

Our gifts make Easter possible.

Our gifts bring abundant life.

Rev. John Hughes

(P.S. – the sun will come up tomorrow … Tell Everyone!)



Apr 13 / Nancy

Soup & Conversation April 30


Jen Powers, FPC member, Sunday School teacher and local business woman, will lead a conversation called

“Reflections On My Childhood in Saudi Arabia” at Soup & Conversation Sunday, April 30.

Where were you from 1973 – 1986?  Jen was in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.  From the age of 7 through 20 she was growing up with her family on an ARAMCO company compound in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.  She will share some of her experiences growing up in this unique setting:  exploring what it was like to grow up in a country with sharia law, without freedom of religion or freedom of the press and how it has shaped her world view today.  She shares that you will probably be surprised at how “normal” many of her childhood experiences were even though they were happening on the shores of the Arabian Gulf vs. the shores of Cape Ann.

This, free and open to all, Soup & Salad luncheon will be held on

Sunday, April 30, 11:30 AM

at the First Parish Chapel, 1 Chapel Lane, Manchester, MA.

To donate soup, Click here or contact Jessica  978-526-7661 ext. 3.

Mar 27 / Nancy

Soup & Conversation with Lisa Fenn, April 2

Lisa Fenn

First Parish Church hosts Lisa Fenn, author of “Carry On” in the upcoming Soup & Conversation, Sunday, April 2, 11:30 AM. Former ESPN producer Lisa Fenn shares the story of how she formed an unlikely family with Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton, two high school senior wrestlers who she covered in 2009. The three permanently altered the courses of each other’s lives. Leroy, who lost his legs in a childhood train accident, was often found on the back of the legally blind and homeless Dartanyon. Two remarkable individuals without the means or opportunities to succeed were in dire need of guidance. While there is nothing about Leroy, Dartanyon and Lisa that landed itself to an obvious bond, they forged community within each other. Lisa describes their ongoing journey together with Dartanyon, now a Paralympic bronze medalist, and Leroy, a college graduate. Soup & Salad luncheon served. Contact 978-526-7661 ext. 3 or for more information, to donate soup or salads or to RSVP.

Mar 26 / Nancy

Sunrise Breakfast


The Diaconate invites you to join in a Family Breakfast before worship

on Sunday, April 9, 8:30 AM in the Chapel.

Come and enjoy a delicious hot breakfast to begin your day, then head to Sunday School, Church or off to sport obligations.

All are welcome!