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Oct 3 / Nancy



At the sign of the rose, we’re happy to announce that our new season of Vespers quiet time for prayerful meditation and peace, wonderful reflections from the Reverend John Hughes, candle-lighting at the altar, and perfect music, resumes this fall. All are welcome.

The Sanctuary opens at 6:30 for meditation

& prayer; our service is from 7 – 7:30 PM, followed by ten minutes of music.

Starting in the Fall on Weds. evenings when there is no Vesper program join us in our candlelit sanctuary for an Hour of Tranquility, 6:30 PM

A place of tranquility to enjoy peaceful music and private meditation, all faiths are welcome to join in this space.

For further information, call 978-526-7661.

Fall 2016

Weds., Sept. 21 – Vespers: “hallelujah” psalm 146


Weds., Oct. 5 – Vespers: “wait patiently” psalm 40

Weds., Oct. 19 – Vespers: “no slumber” psalm 121

Weds., Nov. 2 – Vespers: “delights in people” psalm 149

Weds., Nov. 30 – Vespers: “peace within” psalm 122

Spring 2016

Weds., Jan. 6 – Vespers: Epiphany


Weds., Feb. 10 – Vespers: Ash Weds.


Weds., Feb. 24 – Vespers: “shall I be afraid?” psalm 27


Weds., Mar. 9 – Vespers: “covered sins” psalm 32

Mar 9 2016

Weds., Mar. 24 – Vespers: Maundy Thursday


Fall 2015

The Sanctuary opens at 6:30 for meditation

& prayer; our service is from 7 – 7:30 PM, followed by ten minutes of music.

For further information, call 978-526-7661.

 Weds. Sept. 23 – Vespers: “let evil recoil” psalm 54


Weds., Oct. 7  – Vespers: “nothing hidden” psalm 19

Weds., Nov. 4 – “blessed is…” psalm 146

VesperBulletinNov4 2015

Weds., Nov. 18 – “I take refuge” psalm 16

VesperBulletinNov18 2015

Weds., Dec. 2 – “do not remember my sins” psalm 25

Fall 2014

Wed. Sept. 24th- remember the wondersPsalm 105:1-6

VESPERS September 24 2014

Wed. Oct. 8th-w/o speech or languagePsalm 19

VESPERS October 8 2014

Wed. Oct 22nd-a world firmly establishPsalm 96

VESPERS October 22 2014

Wed. Nov. 5th- why cast down?Psalm 43

VESPERS November 5, 2014

Wed. Nov. 19th-look to the Lord” Psalm 123

VESPERS November 19, 2014

Wed. Dec 3rd:make your face shine” Psalm 80

Vespers December 3, 2014

Nov 8 / Nancy

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Jan 6, 2016 Vespers Epiphany

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Nov 1 / Nancy

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Sep 29 / Rev. Marlayna Schmidt

Silent Prayer Awareness Walk

Rescheduled to Nov. 5

Your Interim Pastor, Transition Team, [and Prayer Team], invite you to join them in a brief walk around the neighborhood on October 8th, 11:30 to 12:15.  In case you’ve never been on a walk like this, here’s what it entails:  A small group of us silently walking around Manchester for half an hour or so, simply being aware of what we see.  For example:  Are there tricycles in the driveways?  Trampolines in the yards?  Moms/dads with strollers on the sidewalks?  Elderly people sitting on porches?  Houses with peeling paint?  Handicap ramps?  Halloween decorations?  Shops with creative signs/displays in their windows?  etc, etc.  At the end of the walk, we gather in the sanctuary and “report back” what we noticed.  Then, we pray for the well-being of the people we’ve seen.  Note:  Prayer walks are not a means of evangelizing our neighbors; prayer walks are a means for God to open our eyes and hearts to the people around us.  (Also note:  We won’t be conspicuously praying while we are walking, so anyone taking notice of us won’t view us as religious zealots; to the average person, we will simply look like a small group of people out for a Sunday stroll :).
Sep 25 / Nancy

Christmas Fair by the Sea 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

9 AM  2 PM

Learn more here 

Sep 19 / Nancy

Seaside Parish Knitters

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words    

Below are photos of our handmade items and knitters during our  get-togethers on the 1st and 3rd Thursday afternoons in the Chapel Parlor. Over the years we have enjoyed our time knitting and crocheting items for baptismal events at the church, shawls and blankets for friends at home, scarves, neck gators, and helmet liners for our veterans in Afghanistan; and mittens and hats for Cape Ann children. We all love to knit/crochet, but more importantly we have been  rewarded with helping others by sharing our handwork. We would love to have you join us, Sandy, Bonnie, Millie, Sally, Martha, Lauren, Eleanor, Jean, Jan, Mary K., Penny, Cheryl, Mary L., Wendy M., Carol, Doris, Muriel, Liljana, Marianne, Wendy S., Shirley  
Sep 1 / Nancy

Transition Update

At the Aug 29th meeting, our Church Council appointed a Transition Team, whose “job” will be to work with the Interim Pastor to carry out the Vision Process.  The Team represents what Council feels is a “good mix/balance” of the congregation in terms of current/recent church involvement, as well as gender and age and outlook.  The group includes people who volunteered to serve—who put their names in to be considered by Council, as well as people whom we approached and asked if they were willing to be considered.  The Team will begin meeting in September, and one of their first tasks will be to set the dates for the 4 “Whole Church” Congregational meetings (2 in the fall, 2 in the Winter/Spring) where people will be asked for their input.  The input given—combined with prayerful reflection on Scripture and demographic material--will lead to:  a Vision for Ministry, Goals for carrying out that Vision, and a Profile to help the church search for a Settled Pastor, whose gifts and skills match the Vision. The Team members are as follows:
  1. Paul Driscoll
  2. Lauren Gudonis
  3. Mary Lumsden
  4. Jeff Parker
  5. Jason Smith
  6. Lelly Smith
Aug 30 / Nancy

Zimbabwe Mission – 2017

Packing Party Thursday, September 7th at 6 PM! Join us in the Chapel.

In August we will once again begin collecting for our sister church, South Down Church. South Down is a UCC church located in Chipinge, Zimbabwe where there is also a school and a clinic. Zim Collection list 2017 Donations can be dropped at the Chapel 9- 12 Monday-Friday, or in the Narthex. Please contact Dan at or after worship with questions. Financial contributions are also welcome to offset shipping cost.

A Letter From Zimbabwe (photos below)

Dear Dan We have the breaking news this morning that Southdown primary school boys were number one in the district soccer foot ball competition yesterday played at Grass Flats play grounds . This is great news to the school as well as to the parents and this is record breaking . Over the year these boys either do not even dare to compete or they were the last. As you might be aware that these are children from Mozambique , a much backward country and the children also looked down at themselves . Today they are number one in the district and what made them to be number one? In our 2016 container there were some soccer boots and we gave them to Southdown boys. When they were given the boots, they feel equal to other boys in the district and this have them confidence in themselves and they practiced harder. This also gave the trainers zeal to want to do more and here we are SOUTHDOWN NUMBER ONE. My question is- had it not been not of the container, could my school ever been number one ? I want to thank the whole church, non church members , Dan and all the leadership for making this happen - thank you. You brought pride to the school and the community . This year is a different year after a lot of rain fall on the ground, we have enough food harvested from our fields and people are happy. It is going to be colder but not to that of New England and most of our rivers will flow all year round and this is new. I led a team of volunteers to Beira in Mozambique early June for a week and we had good time. This was an outreach ministry and we were staying in homes. In one of the towns we visited, I met a man without both feet due to a land-mine, this man is a leader in one of our UCCM in a church called Chamba. It was raining and he was doing his leadership role despite the the unfriendly weather and it gave me a home work. Here we have one wheelchair we keep for temporal disabilities , is goes out and comes back to the church when the person is fine. I am seeking your blessings  that I give this wheelchair to this man in Mozambique .Our team will be going back to Mozambique late August . How are you? We are keeping well. Greetings to all friends Rev Mutsumbei  
Jun 29 / Nancy

Summer Worship Hours 2017


July 2 through September 3 Worship begins at 9 AM

Jun 23 / Nancy

Vacation Bible School, Rome

VBSGraphicsmallwebJoin us in Rome, crafts, music, snacks and games!

June 24–30, 1-3 PM First Parish Chapel

(Located behind Santander Bank)

Open to all and free!

Sign up now

First Parish Members:

Vacation Bible School, is happening next week! Can you help? We are looking for donations of snacks and volunteers, young or old! High School students can earn community service hours. Sign up here to volunteer or donate and please let neighbors and friends know they are welcome! Contact Jessica at or 978-526-7661 ext. 3 with questions      
Jun 10 / Nancy

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Sunday, June 18 following worship