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Planned Giving Opportunities

Over the many years that Reverend Hughes has been leading our church, he has helped many members of our congregation through their final days and moments of life. While he was there for them, he also discovered that our church did not do nearly enough to support their passions and desires for the legacies and memories they wanted to leave behind. It’s in that spirit that First Parish has organized a simple Planned Giving program for those members in our congregation whose attachment and relationship with the church is of such great meaning to them that they want to contribute to its lasting legacy.

If and when you consider your estate plan, will or other financial plans to fulfill your final wishes, and would like to bestow a gift to the church, you may do so through the First Parish Church Annual Fund, Memorial Fund or Endowment Fund. Details about each of these funds, their purpose and current status, are available through the church office at 978-526-7661.

Be sure to talk it over with your attorney, financial planner, and/or accountant if you are considering a gift like this. You can also reach out to Reverend Hughes or the Stewardship Committee. We would be happy to help with any questions you might have.

To ensure the gift you may be considering for First Parish as part of your Planned Giving is executed correctly, please designate First Parish Church Congregational, P.O. Box 187, Manchester, MA 01944 as the beneficiary in your financial documents.

We’re grateful for what our congregation and community has done to support our church over the many years we’ve been here. We are truly blessed for the legacy that has been built and which we will work hard to sustain for many generations to come.