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Annual Fund Drive & Pledging Considerations

Donate with one click through

Or click below to give with your credit card or bank account through PayPal, we also accept credit cards in the office, stop by or call to donate with your card.

We offer electronic giving through Vanco Financial as an option to make the process of pledging simple.

Please feel free to contact anyone on our committee with questions about The Annual Fund Drive or giving at First Parish; Mary Ellen Cook, David Lumsden, Chip Price and Bruce Warren.

Programs Supported

The annual budget supports everything from salaries to upkeep on our buildings, Sunday worship to Christian Education, to choir, to benefit our sister church in Zimbabwe, all of the varied needs and passions of our Church community.


Because our church is funded by our Church community, we hope you can pledge some level of consistent support.  We recognize and respect that give some members of the congregation offer financially while others offer through volunteerism and talents. For context, actual annual pledges to the church have ranged from $1 to more than $20,000. We are grateful for all support.

Understandably, there is no right way to determine what’s “appropriate” for an individual or a family. However, since we do need to come together to fund the budget, the congregation decided at the last Annual Meeting that a guideline of 1% to 5% of household income could help our collective efforts to reach the budget. In the spirit of being helpful, here are two quick illustrations:

1. For a household earning $75,000 a year, a 1% pledge would be $750 for the year, or $15/week.
2. For a household earning $250,000 a year, a 3% pledge would be $7,500 for the year, or $144/week.

All that said, our church community gives itself in many more ways than an annual pledge. You can feel it whenever you attend a Worship Service or one of our spiritual programs. Whether you’re able to make a pledge, sing in the choir, give an hour of your time for our Brown Bag Lunch Mission, provide a meal for our Care Team ministry, or give $5 towards a Missions project- the spirit of your gift will always bring value to our church.