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May 26 / Nancy

Spiritual Studies

Spiritual Studies

New Spiritual Studies Unit In June: “The Original ‘Biggest Loser’: Job”

Mondays: June 2, 9, 23 and 30 7:00-8:15 PM, Via Zoom

The Book of Job is considered one of the pivotal, challenging and thought-provoking books of the Bible in terms of the question of human suffering and God’s connection to it.

During these four evenings, we will explore the plot, characters, theology and context of Job with an eye on how they might help us connect to our own and others’ struggles and suffering.

Please join us for what should be lively, insightful and engaging discussions.

Summer Message Series

Beginning this Summer, we will present a series of Messages built around a genera;l theme. This Summer, beginning on Sunday, July 5 and continuing for most if not all of the summer Sundays up through Sunday, September 6, our theme will be “One Hit Wonders”. Each Sunday we will explore a character from the Bible who appears either only once or in only one book, but who still offers us an important contribution to our spiritual lives.

Please join us for what we hope will be a informative, interesting and inspiring Summer Message Series.

Through May –

Wednesday- Prayer and Meditation, 7 PM. An opportunity to come together for a time of quiet reflection, sharing of Scripture, and the offering of any prayer intentions that are on participants’ hearts and minds. To join us with your computer, tablet, smart phone or phone contact for details.

Thursday- Bible Study sessions, also continuing on Zoom at 4 PM. Participation in this has significantly increased since going online, another sign of how many of our community are using this time of necessary distancing wisely and well for the benefit of their spiritual lives. To join us with your computer, tablet, smart phone or phone contact for details.


Sunday- Morning Virtual Worship Service, 10 AM led by Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea with Dr. Herman Weiss, Rebecca Shrimpton and Paul Knox. Streamed on Facebook. Click to watch at 10 AM.

Worship services, Jan 2020-current, available on YouTube, here.