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Apr 1 / Nancy

Worship during Coronavirus

After consulting with lay leaders, as well as appropriate consideration of the ongoing recommendations of the CDC, state and local officials, we will continue with online Worship celebrations, meetings, classes and Prayer and Meditation sessions at least through the end of April.

However, we WILL commemorate Palm Sunday (10am), Maundy Thursday (7:30 pm) and Easter Sunday (10am) with live-streamed Worship times on those days. In addition, we will offer two Zoomed opportunities for Prayer and Meditation on Good Friday, one at Noon and the other at 7pm

But that’s not all. This year, we will join together for Palm Sunday and Easter, not once, but twice! When the time comes that we determine – again, based on guidance from the CDC and state and local officials – that it is safe for us to gather for public Worship again, we will hold a “Second Easter” as a celebration of our “new life” together, as well as a “Second Palm Sunday”. “Second Palm Sunday” will come after “Second Easter”, as it will be centered on the performance of the cantata that the Choir and Dr. Weiss were working so hard on before we had to stop large group, in person gatherings. The Choir will need sufficient time to have the piece ready to present to us in the outstanding fashion we are used to from them.

One last note on Worship. As of this afternoon, there have been over 400 views of Our last two Sunday Worship celebrations including both at the time and afterwards. It is a privilege to be able to offer whatever spiritual benefits we can to so many near and far. Continued and enormous gratitude to Dr. Weiss, Rebecca Shrimpton, Paul Knox, Richard Smith, Cindy Boyea and Nancy Klebart for making this such a clearly needed and meaningful experience with their musical and technical contributions. Be assured that all are maintaining necessary social distancing during these times.

Returning to the online classes and Prayer and Meditation sessions, we are also looking into the possibility of recording and posting them on our website the next day for those who would like to participate but can’t on the day or at the time they originally take place. This could begin in early April if we are able to address the same confidentiality issue involved with our live streamed Worship celebrations.

As always, information on how to connect to these events will be sent on the day before and the day of, as well as available on our website.