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Sep 26 / Nancy

Spiritual Studies

Spiritual Studies

A new Spiritual Studies Unit begins in October. 

“You Mean That’s NOT in the Bible?!”

Tuesdays: October 6, 13, 27 and November 3 7:00-8:15 PM Via Zoom

You know them – the sayings and aphorisms so many Christians and non-Christians alike have learned, passed on and trust in. Ones like:

“God helps those who help themselves.”

“Everything happens for a reason”

Many Christians and non-Christians are certain those sayings come directly from the Bible.

[But they, and other commonly shared ones, don’t.]

During this four-week unit, we will explore some of those common sayings and aphorisms that people of faith are often strongly invested in, but which are only partly or minimally rooted in the biblical literature. We will also examine both the elements of spiritual truth to be found in them, as well as the ways they inhibit our spiritual growth.

Prayer and Meditation

October 7 & 21, Wednesday- Prayer and Meditation, 7 PM. An opportunity to come together for a time of quiet reflection, sharing of Scripture, and the offering of any prayer intentions that are on participants’ hearts and minds. To join us with your computer, tablet, smart phone or phone contact for details.

Bible Study

Thursday- Bible Study sessions, also continuing on Zoom at 4 PM. Participation in this has significantly increased since going online, another sign of how many of our community are using this time of necessary distancing wisely and well for the benefit of their spiritual lives. To join us with your computer, tablet, smart phone or phone contact for details.

American Conscience: the Reinhold Niebuhr Story

The Jordan Peterson Discussion Group will explore the life and theology of Reinhold Niebuhr, arguably our denomination’s outstanding voice in developing a contemporary Christian view of social justice.

We will work from the PBS special American Conscience: the Reinhold Niebuhr Story, which you can view here:

This feature is not publicly available but can be viewed without charge at the Kanopy site through your membership in the Manchester Public Library. You will need to create an account with an email and your library card number. A useful short summary of his life is also available here:

Call Steve Carhart at 978-407-8454 or the First Parish Church Office 978-526-7661 to receive information on how to join.


Sunday- Morning Virtual Worship Service, 9 AM led by Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea with Dr. Herman Weiss, Rebecca Shrimpton and Paul Knox. Streamed on Facebook. Click to watch at 10 AM.

Past Worship services also available on YouTube, here.