Beginning tonight, March 22, 7:00-8:30 PM

If you have the opportunity, please read in advance:
John 11:45-53 and 18:19-24
Matthew 26:1-5 and 26:57-68

Tuesdays: March 22 and 29; April 5 and 12
7:00-8:30pm on Zoom

During this four-week unit we will examine the lives and actions of some of the characters the Gospels identify as playing important roles in the death of Jesus, such as Judas, the religious leaders in Jerusalem, Herod and Pilate. We will also explore how those actions, as a function of timeless human failings, emotions, and the context of time and place, might speak to us in our time and place.

Join us with your computer, tablet, smart phone or phone. Contact for the link.