Our cup runneth over” … to quote a familiar psalm. At First Parish we abound with blessings that challenge us.

Recently, a parent shared with me how their daughter reacted when one of her college roommates was bragging about shoplifting clothing from a local mall. The daughter, who has gone through our church programs, objected, “What’s the matter with you? You can’t do that?The roommate was offended, came back a few days later saying, “My mother thinks you totally overreacted to my taking the boots!

We raise spiritual children here. We raise youth who know what is ethically, morally right and what is ‘dead wrong’. This is an important time for all of us to offer our generosity to inspire the work our church does. Our educational, worship, music, devotional programming touches so many lives. We create a culture of involvement in community service and community change, to engage our Church community. We work hard to foster meaningful “hands-on” projects to change people’s lives and deepen our own. Our devotions strengthen our faith, visions, values, and commitments.

In October during the Annual Fund Drive everyone will receive a jig saw puzzle piece to “put all the pieces together“. There will, of course, be a mailing to explain the intent of the drive – – our only source of funding (our “checkbook” account). We receive no financial support from a denomination. Each person’s gift, each piece that’s returned, expands (hopefully) or contracts the effectiveness of our church and its ability to affect people’s lives. Each gift makes a difference; inspires generosity; changes lives. Help us piece together a transforming community!










, we will celebrate what has transpired.