Chili Chowder Luncheon, April 9th 

             How do you grow community on Cape Ann? How do you join three Churches and a Jewish Temple into communal mission?  You grow gardens!

It is no mistake that the first thing you see at a supermarket is vegetables.  Their color and freshness inspire us, they lift our spirits.  The First Parish Church, Manchester Confirmation Class is asking to raise funds to help The Grace Center create gardens of fresh, organic vegetables through The Backyard Growers.  This will create 4-Garden-system, The West End Neighborhood Gardens, at the Jewish Temple, the Unitarian Universalist, the Episcopal, and the Congregational Churches of Gloucester.

How can you grow the Ecumenical Community, neighborhood participation, and Grace Center’s ability to reclaim the Cape Ann community it serves?  Buy a ticket and enjoy the Chili + Chowder Luncheon, April 9th at the FPC Congregational Chapel in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  Eat Hearty and allow other to eat fresh!


West End Neighborhood Teams

Comprised of at least one rep from the following groups:

  • Church/Temple staff member
  • Church/Temple parishioner
  • West End neighborhood resident
  • Grace Center staff member
  • Grace Center guest

Crop plan:

  • Spring Lettuce (seedlings), Spinach (seedlings) & Radish (seed);
  • Followed by summer Carrots (seed) & Bush Beans (seed)
  • Cherry tomatoes (seedlings)
  • Kale (seedlings), Parsley (seedlings), & Basil (seedlings)
  • Zucchini (seedlings) & Peppers (seedlings)
  • Cucumbers (seedlings)—trellis at Temple