From Mark:


It is the morning after our first Sunday together as your new Minister, and I want to thank you for the enormously gracious welcome both before and immediately after the day’s Worship time, and then again throughout the following Welcome Reception. Cindy and I surely felt your warmth, energy and enthusiasm for what the days and years ahead will bring as we partner in helping each other and as many of God’s people as we can become all of who and what God created us and them to be.

In that regard, let me briefly note a few things from my end to help us get started, knowing that we will be learning much more about and from each other as time goes by:

  • Please feel free to simply call me “Mark”. While I certainly won’t be upset if you choose to address me in another way (well maybe not every other way), I hope you will come to be comfortable enough with me to do that.
  • While I haven’t figured out any type of set Office Hours yet, my habit over the years has been to be in the office for part of the day each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday pending any outside meetings, unexpected pastoral duties or personal needs. These hours tend to fall in the late morning to mid/late afternoon timeframe. Of course, all you need do is contact me if you want to set up an appointment either within or outside those parameters.
  • And as for contacting me, my FPC email is: In addition, I can be reached via the church phone number, or most often through my cell number 908-477-5426. We will not have a home phone number, so do not hesitate to contact me by cell (call or text). I will get back to you as soon as I can if I do not respond immediately.
  • Please bear with me as I struggle to remember all your names. I rarely forget a face, but it will take me awhile to get the names connected to them.
  • And lastly, related to my not getting things right, please do not ever hesitate to tell me directly if I do something which concerns, troubles or even offends you. I much prefer that to hearing about it second or third hand. Please know that if and when that happens, it will be from a lack of knowledge or awareness on my part, and not from intent. I only ask that you engage me respectfully. In return, I promise I will listen – really listen – and take you seriously so we can do our best to resolve whatever issue might be at hand.

With that, I hope to see you often on Sundays for our Worship time, and as much as need and opportunity presents itself every day.

As I said at the beginning of yesterday’s Worship celebration… “Here we go…”

Blessings, Mark

Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea, Minister