A heartfelt and big “thank you” goes out to our church community for having made this fundraising effort such a great success.

For background, with over 200 years of worship services, teaching, and living as a faith community, First Parish has become a foundational part of Manchester-by-the-Sea, weathering many changes and grown stronger over time.

The same is true of our sanctuary.  Generations have passed through its doors, worshiped here, made it a part of their lives.  As today’s generation, the opportunity presented itself to leave our legacy by helping fund important repairs to this wonderful historic building. And, we did it!

What you can’t see

The beams that form the foundation of our church are a variety of rough hewn logs, and in some cases entire tree trunks that were never milled.  They have supported many weddings, baptisms, celebrations of life, and too-many-to-count community events.  These timbers have also survived two centuries of intense heat, humidity, cold and bug damage – but the time has come to reinforce them.

An immediate need becomes tangible legacy

The trustees, with guidance from a professional engineer who examined the foundation, presented the replacement of the sagging beams with steel supports as an urgent capital project — an estimated cost of $30,000. Inspired by and combined with a very generous $15,000 matching offer from two donors in our congregation, our church community raised more than $35,000! Congratulations and thank you again to everyone who made this possible. And, as promised in our original letter, we will be making plans to gather and celebrate everyone’s generosity at the completion of this project where supporters of A Firm Foundation of Faith will be recognized for their contribution to the project.