About Our Church

Now that you have found and visited our web site, why not join us Sunday morning for our Facebook Live or (after May 2) in person worship experience at 10:00 AM?

Or maybe you would like to check out past services.

What can you expect when you worship and join us at First Parish Church?

  • A warm, inviting group of worshipers who come from differing religious backgrounds
  • Inspiring music of varied styles and traditions fromĀ our choir that integrates the scriptural message and sermon themes
  • A concerned, caring group of people who care for each other as well as for the area and world needy
  • Hands on missions projects where people experience their faith at work and their gifts in action.
  • Spiritual studies, Book Group, Bible Study and additional educational programs offered throughout the year.

Our community is Congregational in its operation and we are affiliated with the United Church of Christ and its worldwide programs. We are a United Church (covenanted) and a Uniting Church (promoting ecumenical understanding and cooperation with all Christian and faith communities).

We believe that everyone must constantly rethink and redefine their beliefs as God’s word unfolds and our lives change. We join together affirming our common beliefs that come from differing covenants and confessions of faith. Many of our members are former Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians, Quakers who have found the freedom and support they need to continue their faith journeys with us. We help people make Biblical truth a reality in their lives.

Come and experience it for yourself!