First Parish Church Directory


Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry:

Organist/Director of Music:

  • Dr. Herman Weiss

Church Office:

Chapel Custodian:

  • George Nickless



  • Bethany Woods – Presides at all meetings of the Church.


  • George Nickless – Prepares and keeps records of Annual and Special Church meetings; keeps records of baptisms and active and inactive membership lists, recording deaths and new members.


  • Bruce Warren – Receives, records and deposits all income of the Church. Keeps records of pledges and prepares quarterly statements of same.


  • Treasurer – Disburses all monies required for bills, etc and keeps the books. Serves as ex officio member of Board of Trustees.
  • Assistant Treasurer- Cheryl Lengieza – Acts as an assistant to the Treasurer.



The Board of Trustees consists of 7 members elected on a staggered basis at the Annual Meeting in June to serve 5-year terms. The Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and the Pastors are ex-officio members of the Board.

The Board is responsible for the temporal matters of First Parish Church as contrasted with the Diaconate, which focuses primarily on spiritual concerns including the worship services. Specifically, the Board of Trustees has stewardship over the assets of First Parish Church including maintenance of the Meeting House, the Chapel Building including the offices and Sunday School wing, and the Parsonage. The Trustees, through an Investment Committee, manage the endowment funds of the Church. The Trustees, with input from the Committees and Boards of the Church and the assistance of the Treasurer, prepare the budget, which goes to the Congregation at the Annual Business Meeting in February for approval. The Board is charged with ensuring that good business practices are followed in managing and disbursing funds of the Church. During the year, with the help of the Treasurer, the Board monitors income and expenses compared to the budget and takes action when significant deviations are forecasted. The Board approves and executes all contracts on behalf of the Church except for those with the Pastors, which are handled by the Executive Committee of the Church.

The Board meets monthly, year around, on the 2nd Monday evening each month to hear reports from members on their ongoing assignments as well as act on matters concerning First Parish Church as a whole.


  • Responsible to annually raise funds necessary for operation, missions and other needs of the Church.


  • Carries out the religious matters of the Church, acting as an aid to the Minister. Responsible at Sunday worship for ushering, receiving collections and administering communion.


  • Consists of all officers of the Church and one member from each committee or board.
  • Meets once a month to coordinate all Church organizations and activities.






  • Oversees Christian Education programs and staff


  • Nominates members to fill all Church offices to be elected at the Annual Meeting, and to fill any vacancies which may occur during the year. A Gift That Keeps On Giving…………..An excellent way to become acquainted with a group of members of our church is to serve on one of its committees.  In a congregational church the members and committees are the life blood of the church.  Although this is rewarding in itself, becoming involved with learning the operations of the church has countless benefits.  This structure gives us insight and understanding of how a congregational church functions…….and, at the same time, we add to our spiritual well-being by contributing time (not excessively), knowledge, and friendship (a whole lot) to something we care about. Volunteers are Always Appreciated! There are openings for volunteers on several Church committees.  We are looking for people to serve on the Diaconate Committee, Missions Committee, Christian Education and Delegates.  If you are interested in serving on a committee and lend a caring hand, share expertise, and enjoy comradery of others, please contact one of us on the Nominating Committee.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Would love to have you join us. Mary Lumsden 978-526-1579, Marianne Round 978-526-9460


  • Represents the Church at meetings and conferences of the United Church of Christ.