What is the purpose of our Annual Fund Drive?

Our Annual Fund Drive sets our budget for the upcoming calendar year.

What does this budget include?

Our annual Church budget pays for staff salaries, the maintenance and upkeep of our three properties (Church, Chapel and parsonage), it provides funding for our Sunday School, Youth and Adult Faith Formation programs. All of our expenses are paid by the Annual Fund Drive!

What can I do to help?

Look for your Annual Fund Drive letter in the mail the week  of October 15th. Read it over and consider how much First Parish  means to you and your family. Fill out the pledge card and return it with your puzzle piece.

How long does the drive last?

We hope to wrap up the Annual Drive by November 4th, pledges received by then will receive an entry to win the puzzle of First Parish Church displayed in the Narthex. Your quick response is appreciated so the Church can define the budget for 2013.

What if I don’t receive a letter?

Call the Church office 978-526-7661 ext 1 or Mary Ellen  978-526-7178 so we can get a letter to you.

Who can answer my questions about pledging or the Annual Fund Drive?

Questions gladly answered by Stewardship committee members;
Mary Ellen Cook, Martha Elder, Leah Hamilton, Tom McClain, Barbara Smith, and Bruce Warren.