Sponsored by The Christian Education Committee of First Parish Church Congregational

Art Show July 26 – August 8

The Matisse Group:  Ages 3-6 years

The Van Gogh Group: Ages 7-10 years

The Picasso Group: Ages11-14 years

The Renoir Group: Ages 15- 18 years

The DaVinci Group: Ages 19- and over

Mixed media, paintings, drawings, collage, sculpture and nature items welcome

Prizes to be awarded to 1st & 2nd place for each age range.

Judging will take place and winners announced during the week of July 26-30.

Submissions can be brought to the First Parish Chapel, 1 Chapel Lane, Manchester by the Sea beginning July 5 through July 16. Look for the specially marked drop bins.

For questions or more information, contact Jeanne at jeanne.fpchurch@gmail.com