“He took bread……eyes were opened…they recognized  Jesus …” Luke 24:31 

This Sunday, May 4th, our 1st Communion Class will be receiving the sacrament of communion following a two months of classes studying its purpose and meaning.  Members of the class attended 4-worship events:

  • Ash Wednesday service of Hippolytus
  • Catacomb Service with study of Christian Chants, early worship
  • Communion Preparation Sunday
  • Maundy Thursday, Passover Meal + Tenebrae of Lights service

Their classes had them learning communion prayers, discussing the meaning of the elements, understanding differing classifications, and doing scriptural studies.  They have asked questions, eaten new (exotic!) foods, and learned how communions are honored and performed in the many traditions and faiths.

First Communion is a wonderful “rite of passage” that brings people first-hand knowledge and experience to help them understand and define their relationship to God, the church, and their own personal faith.  I want to thank Jen Powers, Jessica Skidmore, and Nancy Klebart for their collaboration in making the program successful.

I hope everyone will come to celebrate this important milestone in the spiritual development of our youth… come and be a part of this important affirmation.

Yours in Faith, Rev. John G. Hughes