Many people I speak with have had it with winter – – enough is enough!  Every intersection it feels as if you are putting your life in danger as you creep out to peer around piles of snow that prevent you from seeing who is coming down the road.  Back aches, hand cramp, roof leaks, and, in some cases, vehicles crunch.

             What first appeared to be a winter wonderland now seems like a nightmare!  “What did I do to deserve this? Is there no relief in sight?”, we sometimes hear.

 The Hebrew word for “miracle” is “nes” which is also the root word for “test”.  The idea behind this ‘word sharing’ is that when we are tested, we have to dig deeper (excuse the pun).  When we dig deeper, we find personal qualities and strengths we previously had no idea we had.

 I have seen the people step forward to check on neighbors, clear other people’s driveways and walks, and say, “I am going to the store … do you need anything?”  In the worst of trial, I have witnessed the goodness of people come to the forefront, miraculously.

 By the time you read this message there will be less than 3 weeks to SPRING!! (so the meteorologists tell me).  Friday, March 20th is the Spring Equinox, when the sun crosses the equator on its way north.  This morning I drove past Singing Beach – – there is no snow in the parking lot … there is no snow on the beach – – it looks as if we are well on our way to proclaiming, “Alleluia, Christ is Risen!” on Easter morning.  What’s that? You don’t believe it! Oh, you of little faith.

Rev. John Hughes

A Message of Snow & Prayers from Boston Clergy