Children and youth ages 3-18 are invited to register for classes and for Youth Fellowship which will begin after a splashy launch on Sunday, September 12, which is also Grandparent’s Day. On that day, the congregation, families and grandparents, as well as community members and interested volunteers are invited to try their hand at a variety of outdoor games at the Chapel location, following worship at 11 AM.

Registration materials will be available, and a back-to-school materials drive will begin. So, while you’re shopping for crayons and pencils, give a thought to the families who find these purchases a hardship and pick up an extra! Neighboring community schools will thank you!

If you are a family or know of a family that is interested in either Spiritual Formation (Sunday School) and/or Youth Fellowship, invite them to join you for a few games and a couple of surprises.

Questions? Contact Jeanne Westcott at