How Can I Call Upon God?

 “Who are people saying I am? … Who do you think I am?” Matthew 16:13-20

             On September 7th, a special family-oriented 10:00 a.m. worship service at First Parish Church will be celebrated.  Ghandi, a full size Canada goose, will be coming to teach children “How to Fly Home”.  Ghandi has not made a visit to our sanctuary in quite some time and is looking forward to joining us. There will some “geese” present to help demonstrate how Ghandi flies south – – something he looks forward to every winter! Perhaps your family could learn something from this fowl presentation?

The worship theme, “Who am I?” will look at how we understand and encounter God.  There will also be a child-friendly explanation of what communion is and how it is celebrated.

First Parish Church celebrates an “open communion”, where “all who are moved by the love and concerns of Jesus Christ may feel free to approach”.  The communion reflection will help children and youth, (perhaps even the ‘Young-at-Heart’), understand the sacrament.

Participation of children in communion has always been left to their parents and when they feel their children are ready.  There will be a 1st Communion Class coming at First Parish in 2015 for 4th and 5th graders.

In anticipation of joining with you in a fun-filled celebration September 7th,  Rev. John G. Hughes