Who may live on your holy hill? Those who walk blamelessly, Who do what is righteous, And speak the truth from the hearts.” Psalm 15

This is a story of a Man who fell into a pit and could not pull himself out.  A Spiritualist walked by and said, “I have compassion for that person in the pit.” An atheist walked by and said, “It is logical that someone would fall into the pit.” A news reporter walked by and asked, “Can I have the exclusive story of the man in the pit?” A government official walked by and questioned, “Were the taxes paid to repair the pit?” A fire and brimstone preacher exclaimed, “This man deserved to fall into the pit for he is a sinner!” A psychologist walked by and pondered, “Perhaps your father and mother are to blame for you falling into that pit.” An optimist noted, “Things could be worse.” A pessimist stated, “Things will get worse!” Then a young Rabbi named Jesus, who was walking by, saw the man, jumped down into the pit, and lifted him out.

Our Mission Committee should be congratulated for their recent project, “The Brown Bag Lunch”.  When the brown bags are filled with fruit, the sandwiches made, small water bottles added, and cookies included for dessert, people are so appreciative, when they receive our deliveries, for the “lift” we provide while they continue to search for a new way to live.  First Parish Church again reaches out with concrete solutions to real life problems.


Rev John G. Hughes <’}>< <’}}><< <’}}}><<<<