A recent survey, published in the Harvard Business Review, surprised the people who were conducting the poll. “How does income inequality affect the development of leaders for the workplace?

The poll explored how elevated parental income, and the educational and economic choices it allows in raising children, effects success.  The results seemed counter, intuitively, to what was expected.

A leader’s effectiveness was often harmed by having a childhood where economic advantages were optimum.  The study found, “In short, higher parental income indirectly impaired leadership performance by fostering narcissism, which in turn reduced engagement in important leadership behaviors.”

While having a higher-income home allows children to live in safer neighborhoods with better schools, have opportunities to afford better coaches, tutors, and camps to develop children’s skills, as well as, allowing for unpaid internships to build resumes, it failed to guarantee success in leadership.  It seems a children from “privileged backgrounds” often lacked compassion for other people, felt superior (and thus ‘talked down’ to others), tended toward impulsive tendencies, and had generally lower empathy.  Statements of “I know that I am special because everyone keeps telling me so” and “Many group activities tend to be dull with me” resonated with those who filled out the survey who were economically privileged; it resulted in poor ability to evaluate situations realistically.  Narcissism interfered with long term success.

Our Confirmation Sunday, June 3rd, will mark the completion of a year’s process for our Youth. We have witnessed a tremendous cohesion in the group’s formation. Our Confirmands have shown remarkable generousness in dealing with each other, while reaching out with empathy for the Gloucester mission, Grace Center.  Everyone has been struck not only by their hard work, but also by the pride and enjoyment they had in accomplishing their tasks.  Confirmation has created strong empathy for others and strong interpersonal relationships.  We have much to celebrate! Join us Sunday, June 3rd , Come Celebrate Confirmation!