Daughter, Camille, arranges Dad's tasselOn Saturday, May 19th, Jared Hamilton graduated from Andover Newton Theological School in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, culminating four years of instruction at the seminary.  Rev. John Hughes and Rev. Llewellyn Smith attended the ceremony.

As part of Jared’s seminary training, our church formed a Teaching Parish Committee to oversee Jared on site parish work for a two year period. The T.P.C. used an action-reflection model to help Jared with his three objectives:

1) “to learn to create vitality by ministering to youth”, through teaching Sunday morning Middle School Youth Group, Confirmation Class, and planning recreation and spiritual events for youth.

2) “to learn to minister in the context of liturgical year”, through participation in liturgy with Rev. John Hughes, preparing the services for Christmas Pageant and Christmas Eve, as well as, preaching on Christmas Eve.

3) “to learn to contribute to a staff team, the C.E. Committee and other committees”, through meeting with Rev. John Hughes bi-weekly, staff meetings when available, and attending Christian Education Committee monthly meetings.

First Parish Church also paid for outside supervisors to help Jared reflect theological, one hour per week, on his developing career as a minister.  Jared was helped to integrate his ministry at First Parish Church by attending Practicum groups, led by seminary professors, with seminarians from other Teaching Parish settings. Jared and the Teaching

Parish Committee filed Mid-Year Progress Reports and Final Evaluations.

Our Church has provided a rich, thoughtful setting for Jared to integrate his seminary coursework with a practical, hands-on ministry.  Jared’s graduation marks an important step in his maturing for ordained ministry.

Jared first came to First Parish Church, Congregational in the fall of 2009 as Youth Director.  He and his wife, Leah, joined the church on December 6, 2009.  Their daughter, Camille Rose, was baptized during the October 17, 2010 worship service. Leah sings in our choir.

Congratulations Jared Hamilton on your graduation!

Congratulations First Parish Church for helping to make it possible!