“Making Sense of the Cross” Book Discussion group

In the introduction to his book, “Making Sense of the Cross,” Luther Seminary Professor David Lose raises many questions, including these:  “How should we regard the cross?  Is it a sad tragedy that we should grieve?  Is it the moment of God’s victory and redemption that we should celebrate?…what kind of God would require such a gruesome death to achieve redemption?”  And then he says, “By the time you are done [reading this book], you should not only understand what other Christians have said about the cross, but also what you believe about this central symbol and element of our faith.”  If you have ever asked any of these questions and haven’t quite yet found answers that are completely satisfactory, you might enjoy exploring this book with your fellow church members.  Rev. Marlayna will be leading a 6 week book discussion group on Saturday mornings from 10:30 to 11:45 starting on Saturday, October 5th and running through Saturday, November 2nd.  Please talk with Rev. Marlayna if you are interested in attending.