A couple of months ago, our Church Council determined that the time had come for us to update First Parish’s website. The site as it is now has served
us well, but as with all technical tools, it must be kept current as times and circumstances change. As we are in a renewal time here at First Parish –
new staff, new directions, new hopes and dreams for the future – the time has come to renew our website as well.

Besides the obvious benefit of doing so, the process of updating our website offers another substantial plus – the opportunity to engage in the
vital exercise of exposing who we are now and who we aspire to be going forward to others, both internally and externally. For while one of the
primary purposes of a website is to communicate important information to our current members and friends, the more important purpose in my mind
is to communicate to those outside our congregation – especially those who may be considering or actively seeking a spiritual community – who we are
and why we matter.

So, how would you answer that question?

Over the many years that I have facilitated leadership and performance lectures and workshops, one of my favorite exercises is something usually
referred to as either the “Elevator Pitch”, or my preference, the “30-Second Commercial”.

Imagine you are at a party, in the grocery store, a concert, game, or some other environment, and instead of being asked to describe what you do, you
have a 30-second opportunity to describe your organization or team.

What are the most important things, or thing, you would want them to know?

What would you say to someone in that 30-second timeframe that might move them to consider looking further into First Parish, joining us, or at the very least
mentioning us to others?

I invite you to try this exercise. I also invite you to send me your “30-Second Commercial” by email, text, or mail. It will not just be helpful for you, but might also prove helpful to the subgroup that will end up working on the content of our revised website.