Have you noticed what has happened?  Someone was saying to me, “It seems as if we passed from the frigid winter into the glories of summer!”  While the exuberant expression makes it point, perhaps the months to come will have surprises to alert us that we must wait for the glories of summer.

What a difference the beauty and warmth of these days has made in people’s lives; what a difference in their dispositions. It is not only the bulbs that have burst forth but also people’s outlooks as well.  Have you stepped outside and breathed deeply, taking in the glories of the day?  Have you felt your stress disappear or at least seem unimportant in the midst of new life?

Friday, May 8th  marked the last Spring Bible Study Class preparing people for the weekly lectionary – – the announcement of the final class was met with protests from the group, “Why can’t you continue through the summer?”  I explain to the group that weddings and baptism now consume my time – – as a new season of celebration bursts upon our church – – they continue to protest in spite of explanations.

Our adult classes, book groups, classes on Prayer, Bible Study, Soup & Conversations, and discussion groups deliver the same effects as the weather.  It is a chance to rest, reflect, and replenish – – let the stress melt away – – and restore new life.  We are grateful that our souls come alive continually.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so passionately in our group offerings.  I look forward to celebrating baptisms (beginning on Mother’s Day), a full season of weddings (which continues through the fall), Tuck’s Point worship (June 14th) and our summer worship hour at 9:00 a.m. (Sunday, July 5th through Sept. 6th).