The First Parish Meeting House, the town of Manchester Meeting House, will be open this Saturday, August 1 from 10 AM to 5 PM during Festival by the Sea. Come and take a tour of this historic building located on the Village Green beside Town Hall. The first Meeting House was built of “squared logs, 2 gabled ends, a thatch roof and dirt floor” in 1656. The current (and fourth) Meeting House was built for $8,500 by local carpenters, many who were shipwrights, with the design credited to architect Asher Benjamin in 1809. CPA funds have helped to restore the Steeple of this building, including the Bell cradle and strikers last year. The Town Clock, approved by the town and installed in the Steeple in 1882, was transferred to the care of First Parish Church in 1990. The Clock will undergo restoration this year thanks to Manchester CPA Funds.