Would you like to prepare for Valentine’s Day?

Sunday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day and we are preparing a special worship.  We will, of course, make reference to the saint for whom the day is named, read the scriptures which the Bible references for relationships (of all kinds!), sing beautiful, meaningful hymns, and hear a sermon entitled, “R-Rated Love Affairs”. A special duet will be sung, “The Prayer”, by Rebecca Shrimpton and Paul Knox (one of my favorite pieces of ‘soft classical’ music).

Would you like to prepare for the sermon?  Our Friday afternoon Bible study reviews the scriptures, looks over the anthems, reviews the hymnody of each worship, yet, I have never asked them to read in preparation for a sermon.

Perhaps everyone would like to prepare for Valentine’s Day!  My sermon will look at how relationships are formed and why the Bible sets down certain “rules”; the sermon will be based on C.S. LewisThe Four Loves ©1960.

C.S. Lewis is probably best known as the author of The Scewtape Letters, a collection of letters exchanged between Satan in Hell and his Nephew on earth.  The Four Loves is another known classic, “a modern mirror of souls, a mirror of virtues and failings of human loving(Martin D’Arcy, New York Book Review) and is used in seminary curriculums all over the world.

The book should be readily available in public libraries.  If not, you could contact Pam Price at The Book Shop of Beverly Farms, 40 West Street (978) 927-2122 or www.realbookshop.com or info@realbookshop.com as she has copies on hand or can order copies within one day’s time with ISBN 0-15-632930-1

Whether you are preparing a valentine for the boy or girl who delivers your newspaper, the person who has done you a kindness, a spouse, or loved one, C.S. Lewis gives wonderful reflections to sort out, “how do loving relationships work”? Why not prepare for Valentine’s Day by reading The Four Loves and then come to worship for a true celebration.

Yours in Christ, Rev. John Hughes <’}>< <’}}><< <’}}}