Sunday February 23, following worship (11:30 a.m.)

Discussion on What it Means to be a Woman in Zimbabwe

by Rev. Fungayi Mutsumbei

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Rev.  Mutsumbei will also be our guest preacher that morning at First Parish Church’s 10 a. m. service.

In Sept 2012, Rev. Fungayi Mutsumbei said goodbye to his wife and four children in Zimbabwe, boarded a plane and in twenty-eight hours arrived at Boston’s Logan Airport. In a little more than a day, he traveled from a third world country experiencing extreme poverty and systemized government oppression to the unimaginable abundance of life in the USA. In Zimbabwe the majority of people walk vast distances for the basic necessities of water and food.  Rev. Mutsumbei noted that in the USA, very few people walk, most families have more than one car and in most cars there is just one person – a striking example of poverty vs. abundance.

Rev. Mutsumbei has served as a Zimbabwean pastor since the early 1990s and since 2007 has been the Eastern Conference Superintendent of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe with the oversight of 36 churches. For 2 decades, Rev. Mutsumbei has worked tirelessly speaking openly at church and community events about HIV/AIDS, environmental concerns, and to educate people about food security.

Rev. Mutsumbei is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Theology at Andover Newton Theological School because he believes education makes for stronger and more effective leadership.  His goals upon his return to Zimbabwe include a project in the Chipinge District to work with communities on gender equity, violence and abuse in relationships. Rev. Mutsumbei recognizes that well trained pastors are an effective way to bring about change in cultural beliefs, gender roles and bring a theological perspective to the Zimbabwean culture.