We are our stories. We get to know one another by listening and telling them.  Do you have a story to share about a birth or a death in your life, about a miracle or a saint or about your faith?  On April 15th, after worship, we will gather in small groups in the chapel to listen to each other’s’ tales guided by a moderator. After lunch you will select one topic of your choice to listen and share about during the event.

Together we’ll marvel at facets of each other we never knew and yet recognize, as we’ve been through something like it ourselves.  Our goal in this story-sharing process will be to deepen our faith and strengthen our connections with one another in community.  (Note:  story topics are “birth,” “death,” “miracle,” “saint,” and “faith,” but the topics can be interpreted as widely as you wish.  For instance, a story about a birth could be a story about a new chapter in your life when you felt you “started over;” a story about a “saint” could be a story of someone who inspired your faith in some way.)

RSVP to Jessica if you can bring soup or a salad or sign up online.