Wendy BookerJoin us on Sunday, March 22 for a conversation with Wendy Booker, Founder and Executive Director of the Climb On! Foundation; Climber, Explorer, Motivational Speaker with Multiple Sclerosis. Wendy Booker is on an amazing journey. Not only is she tackling marathons, mountains and ice… she’s doing it with multiple sclerosis.

Diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 1998, Wendy was never an athlete. But over the past decade she has run twelve marathons, climbed six of the Seven Summits, attempted Everest twice, mushed to the North Pole and skied to the South Pole – setting records and breaking through barriers all the way.

Always on the lookout for her next great adventure, Wendy has recently been training with a team of sled dogs in Alaska with future plans to race in the Iditarod, the Last Great Race. Closer to home, she will be running her thirteenth marathon this June. Read more about Wendy here

Whatever challenges Wendy undertakes, the mission is always to educate, motivate and encourage anyone facing an obstacle in life to push through and climb on – the view from the top is breathtaking.

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