“… faith is being
sure of what we hope for…

certain of what we do not see

Hebrews 11:1




I recently met with our Sunday school children. I was asked, “what is your favorite thing – – ever?

I responded “a butterfly!

“Because”, I continued, “it tells us the special number for Easter is 2 – – the caterpillar tells us God loves us so much, we get 2 lives!”

“A caterpillar leads a simple life.  It hungers; it eats; its life is full” I said, making munching sounds. “For the caterpillar, nothing needs to be added; nothing more is expected. The caterpillar has no idea it is created for new life”, I said with great drama, “but a caterpillar is made for a miracle!

“At the end of a caterpillar’s 1st life, it wraps itself in a white-grey shroud. Hidden from our sight, a miracle begins to grow. Slowly, deliberately, a great struggle for life begins” I said as I crossed my arms across my chest and began to squirm from side to side, speaking in a groaning tone… “The body within the cocoon bends, turns, contorts, and thrashes about to free itself.  It is a struggle of life and death! If the caterpillar doesn’t complete this struggle, it dies.  The cocoon that once protected the caterpillar now threatens to smother it!”

“A caterpillar must break free for its 2nd life,” I sputter out in great urgency. “The development of its muscles, created by this struggle” I  ontinued, flexing the muscles in my arms, “will create the possibility of flight…  “Before, the caterpillar is limited to the soil, the twig, and the leaf.  Now, the butterfly lives in the heavens” I proclaimed as I flapped my imaginary wings. The ‘wow’ of my performance was evident in my young audience’s eyes.

“The mysterious and wonderful butterfly wants us to know, ‘God has created us for 2 lives!’”

We went on to talk about bedtime prayers… my favorite pet… did I always want to be a minister… what did they want to be.  Clearly I was dealing with future mathematicians.  For as I was leaving, everyone remembered that the special Easter number is “2

Hopefully, each of them will someday be asked, “Did you always want 2 lives?