At the Aug 29th meeting, our Church Council appointed a Transition Team, whose “job” will be to work with the Interim Pastor to carry out the Vision Process.  The Team represents what Council feels is a “good mix/balance” of the congregation in terms of current/recent church involvement, as well as gender and age and outlook.  The group includes people who volunteered to serve—who put their names in to be considered by Council, as well as people whom we approached and asked if they were willing to be considered.  The Team will begin meeting in September, and one of their first tasks will be to set the dates for the 4 “Whole Church” Congregational meetings (2 in the fall, 2 in the Winter/Spring) where people will be asked for their input.  The input given—combined with prayerful reflection on Scripture and demographic material–will lead to:  a Vision for Ministry, Goals for carrying out that Vision, and a Profile to help the church search for a Settled Pastor, whose gifts and skills match the Vision.

The Team members are as follows:

  1. Paul Driscoll
  2. Lauren Gudonis
  3. Mary Lumsden
  4. Jeff Parker
  5. Jason Smith
  6. Lelly Smith