Vespers at First Parish Church,  Manchester, On the Green

Fall 2013

At the sign of the rose, we’re happy to announce that our new season of Vespers quiet time for prayerful meditation and peace, wonderful reflections from the Reverend John Hughes  with a lesson on the history/meaning of a psalm, candle-lighting at the altar, and perfect music, resumes in September.

All are welcome. Participation is ecumenical.

The Sanctuary opens at 6:30 for meditation & prayer;

our service is from 7 – 7:30 pm, followed by ten minutes of music, people are free to enter and leave at their discretion..

For further information, call 978 526-7661.

 Wednesday, September 18, “there is no God” psalm 14

VESPERS September 18 2013

Wednesday, October 2, “in the shelter” psalm 91

VESPERS Oct 2 13

Wednesday, October 16, “kept our feet” psalm 66

VESPERS Oct 16 13

Wednesday, October 30, “the sparrow and the swallow” psalm 84

VESPERS Oct 30 13

Wednesday, November 13, “greatness no one fathoms” psalm 145

rose in vase