They put him to death …but God raised him up on the third day

and  allowed him to appear

 Peter’s Sermon  Acts 10:39-40



On Easter morning, ministers stand at the front door to wish everyone, “Happy Easter!”  Whenever a child comes to the door in their Easter finery, the natural question is “What did you get for Easter?

The question evokes a list of jellybeans, chocolate eggs, hollow chocolate bunnies, and often a stuffed animal.  Most pastors know that if they ask the same question in a few weeks, children are hard pressed to remember what they received on Easter morning.

One Easter, a young girl arrived on the steps of First Parish Church, Congregational and was asked, “What did you get for Easter?” She responded (with a wry smile), “Resurrection!”  It was serendipitous.

In our popular culture, people constantly talk about resurrecting their careers (Hollywood and Rock & Roll particularly), resurrecting their campaigns (politicians), resurrecting their brands (business), or resurrecting their playoff hopes (or their fans will surely ‘die!’).  It seems in common usage, “resurrecting” means something we do-for-ourselves, a process of getting-our-act-together.

On the first Easter morning, when women encountered a young man, dressed in white, he announced, [Jesus] is not here. He has been raised!”  This is not something Jesus did … it was something done for him by God.  Resurrection is a divine gift from the God of new life and promise… it seems too good to be true!

What was the women’s response to this Good News? They were confused, paralyzed by fear. They told no one.  How different from the young girl on the church steps, who couldn’t wait for the moment when she could tell what she received for Easter – – “Resurrection!

 Wishing You a Memorable Easter