Announcing the next community service project sponsored by Christian Education at First Parish! Looking for would-be carpenters, ages 12 -20, who are interested in constructing a bird house to be gifted to an elder member of our community. House constructors will be partnered with a recipient and through  email, text, Zoom or phone , will decide together what décor the bird house should be. All materials in kit form will be available beginning Saturday Jan.  30. Two weeks will be allotted for the products completion, and 4 Community Service hours will be awarded to those that need them.

Instructions and materials are free. Kits are limited so if you are interested in creating a bird house, RSVP to Jeanne Westcott, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries at

Attention First Parish family! Do you know an elder member of our community who might like a custom decorated bird house made by a youth of our community? Do they have a place to accommodate a bird house? If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please give Jeanne that person’s name and contact information by emailing her at

Once a bird house is constructed, the young builder will contact the recipient to discuss paint colors and particulars of decoration. The bird house will be delivered through contactless delivery with clear instruction on how the bird house is to be mounted. They will receive a custom birdhouse and make a new young friend. None are too rich as to turn away a friend!