Packing Party Thursday, September 7th at 6 PM! Join us in the Chapel.

In August we will once again begin collecting for our sister church, South Down Church. South Down is a UCC church located in Chipinge, Zimbabwe where there is also a school and a clinic.

Zim Collection list 2017

Donations can be dropped at the Chapel 9- 12 Monday-Friday, or in the Narthex. Please contact Dan at or after worship with questions.
Financial contributions are also welcome to offset shipping cost.

A Letter From Zimbabwe (photos below)

Dear Dan
We have the breaking news this morning that Southdown primary school boys were number one in the district soccer foot ball competition yesterday played at Grass Flats play grounds . This is great news to the school as well as to the parents and this is record breaking . Over the year these boys either do not even dare to compete or they were the last. As you might be aware that these are children from Mozambique , a much backward country and the children also looked down at themselves . Today they are number one in the district and what made them to be number one?
In our 2016 container there were some soccer boots and we gave them to Southdown boys. When they were given the boots, they feel equal to other boys in the district and this have them confidence in themselves and they practiced harder. This also gave the trainers zeal to want to do more and here we are SOUTHDOWN NUMBER ONE. My question is- had it not been not of the container, could my school ever been number one ? I want to thank the whole church, non church members , Dan and all the leadership for making this happen – thank you. You brought pride to the school and the community .
This year is a different year after a lot of rain fall on the ground, we have enough food harvested from our fields and people are happy. It is going to be colder but not to that of New England and most of our rivers will flow all year round and this is new.
I led a team of volunteers to Beira in Mozambique early June for a week and we had good time. This was an outreach ministry and we were staying in homes. In one of the towns we visited, I met a man without both feet due to a land-mine, this man is a leader in one of our UCCM in a church called Chamba. It was raining and he was doing his leadership role despite the the unfriendly weather and it gave me a home work. Here we have one wheelchair we keep for temporal disabilities , is goes out and comes back to the church when the person is fine. I am seeking your blessings  that I give this wheelchair to this man in Mozambique .Our team will be going back to Mozambique late August .
How are you? We are keeping well.
Greetings to all friends
Rev Mutsumbei